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Blue Texel Shearling Rams and Ram Lambs available now for sale off farm. Well grown, good skins and conformation. Also Blue Texel registered shearling ewes in-lamb available from December onwards contact us for more details.

Contact us for more details

Breeds come and go with fashion, while a few stick around to become the mainstay of the British sheep flock. But husband and wife team David and Jennifer Alexander believe the Blue Texel, with its conformation and ease of lambing, will be here to stay. Read the recent Farmers Guardian farm feature More

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Millside Lleyn wool for sale/Blue Texel wool for sale


We still have a few shearling ewe fleeces available and suitable for spinners, weavers and feltmakers. This year's fleeces were exceptional – we were very lucky with the weather at clipping time. The day before was showery in the morning followed by a dry breezy afternoon and a lovely warm morning before these shearling ewes were clipped in the afternoon. It is always good to get (unprompted) feedback and here are three of the messages that we have received from spinners and weavers in different parts of the country…..

“I have washed the Blue Texel fleece very carefully. The colours are lovely – creams, greys and browns. My husband was impressed too! I am looking forward to spinning it but will have to think about how best to use the different shades.”

“I got one of your Blue Texel fleeces and have already washed it and am starting to spin it. It is the cleanest and softest fleece I have ever seen and ia a pleasure to work with. I am now regretting not buying some ready carded fleece and wonder if you have any left?”

“Just to report that the first piece of the fleece that I have washed has come up so beautifully! It had no debris in it and was so clean. This is a first for a sheep fleece so thank you for saving me such a beauty…”

The wool also felts very well and the lighter greys dye successfully giving distinctive speckly hues. The fleeces are quite substantial many around 4 – 4.5 Kgs. and with a range of greys.

This photo shows one fleece laid out on the garden seat portraying the lovely range of colours. We still have a few of these special fleeces left so contact Jennifer quickly to avoid disappointment if you'd like one of them. We also have some of the carded batts mentioned in the comments above. We also have Blue Texel wool that has already been professionally carded into batts and is ready for spinning or feltmaking.

For further details contact Jennifer at or telephone

01563 820274

The beautiful colours as they emerge during clipping.

This shows the before and after!