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Blue Texel Shearling Rams and Ram Lambs available now for sale off farm. Well grown, good skins and conformation. Also Blue Texel registered shearling ewes in-lamb available from December onwards contact us for more details.

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Breeds come and go with fashion, while a few stick around to become the mainstay of the British sheep flock. But husband and wife team David and Jennifer Alexander believe the Blue Texel, with its conformation and ease of lambing, will be here to stay. Read the recent Farmers Guardian farm feature More

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North Sheep 2011

Millside stand at Northshep

North Sheep 2011 proved to be a very successful day for Millside Blue Texels – our stand generated a tremendous interest and was busy all day with the stock on display being greatly admired and many people going home with our Millside Pedigree Sheep Leaflets (available on request).

Blue texel at Northsheep

For those unable to attend North Sheep, on show were Pedigree Shearling Gimmers and Shearling Rams, all of which will be offered for sale at our Production Sale at Carlisle in August

Blue Texels that were at Northsheep

Also on display were a Rouge x Ewe with two April born lambs sired by a Blue Texel. These were greatly admired because of their good tight skins and conformation, proving that the Blue Texel can produce good lambs for the commercial sheep farmer.

Blue Texel sired lambs

Finally to complete our display were 2 Blue Texel x Shearling Gimmers; firstly a gimmer bred out of a pure Lleyn ewe and another bred from a Rouge x ewe – both had tremendous length and conformation and much interest was shown in them for commercial lamb production or, because they are MV accredited, as ideal recipients for embryo transplants for pedigree sheep breeders. We will have approx. 30 of these females on offer following our Production Sale at Carlisle on the 26 th August 2011.

Blue Texel X at Northsheep

We thank those who visited the stand, and also the interest shown in our sheep and wool on display. Hopefully this has given some of you ‘food for thought' and perhaps the desire to own a Blue Texel, whether you buy pedigree stock or Rams or Ewes for commercial use.

Millside stand

Catalogues for the Production Sale will be available on request from us nearer Sale time, or from

We hope you have enjoyed seeing these photos.